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kubokПобедитель конкурса "РЕЙТИНГ "ПЯТЬ ЗВЕЗД" в номинации "Лучшая туристическая организация"


Член Российского союза туриндустрии

  • Eco-tourism

  • Eco-tourism also means holiday in the countryside (rural tourism or agro-tourism) - is living in a cottage, and participation in agricultural work, rest on the shore near the river and country sauna, hunting, fishing, cycling and horseback riding. Farmhouse has long been popular among city dwellers, people who are not living in the village, but the dream to spend your holidays in conditions close to the village. These rural houses are located in Chernishkovski, Ilovlinsky, Frolovsky, Kotelnikovo, Lenin, Olhovskoe and other municipal districts of the Volgograd region.




bronirovanie otelej

bronirovanie otelej